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Welcome to the place where your imagination meets our expertise. Get ready to breathe life into your brand through endless creative possibilities with our Unlimited Digital Design Membership. 

We understand the power of exceptional design and its impact on your business. That’s why we’ve simplified the process, offering you unlimited design services at your fingertips. Whether you’re reshaping your brand, launching a new product, or just need consistent, high-quality design support, our team is here to transform your vision into reality.

Experience design made easy, where limitations don’t exist and every idea is brought to life with precision and creativity.

Design Membership Pricing

Strong brand communication that fuels growth, attracts, engages, and converts.


$ 2,450
/ month
  • Pause or cancel anytime.


$ 1,990
/ month
  • Pause or cancel anytime.
  • Save $460 monthly


$ 1,460
/ month
  • Pause or cancel anytime.
  • Save $990 monthly

Website design & development

Have a membership already? Choose our website add-on to inspire users and ignite their curiosity
$ 850
/ month

Two requests

Make two requests at the same time
$ 2,500
/ month


Short-form video for websites or social media
$ 450
/ month

Our Membership Benefits

Our Design-as-a-Service Model Includes a Comprehensive Creative Strategy and No Hidden Fees!

Unlimited projects

Enjoy the freedom to request as many design projects as you need, ensuring your creative needs are always met without restrictions.

Easy card payments

Benefit from hassle-free, straightforward card payments, making your transactions smooth and effortless.

Dedicated team

Have a committed team of design professionals at your service, providing personalized attention to every detail of your projects.

Pause or cancel anytime

Our flexible service offers the option to pause or cancel your membership at any time, giving you control over your subscription.

Premium stock images

Gain access to a vast collection of premium high-quality stock images, elevating the visual appeal and quality of your designs.

Fast turnaround

Enjoy quick and efficient delivery of your design projects, ensuring your deadlines are always met with speed and excellence.

Design Made Easy

From logos and websites to branding and packaging, we’ve got you covered.

Pick Your Membership

Choose from a variety of design offerings tailored to fit different needs and budgets, ensuring you find the perfect match for your project. We made it simple 🙂

Share Your Vision​

Communicate your ideas and requirements to our design team, allowing us to fully understand and bring your unique vision to life. One request at a time.

Grow Your Brand

Leverage our expert design services to enhance your brand's presence and appeal, contributing to its growth and success in the market. Your plug in design department.

Our designs got you covered in the tornado that is the digital world, offering all-in-one solutions without the hefty price tag. For one flat fee, we’re replacing pricey, narrow-focused services with a smarter, wide-angle, all-inclusive strategy. Our goal is to elevate your brand visibility online and create a lasting impression after just a few interactions. This takes the stress off hiring, training, sick days, firing, culture fits, and with us being remote, we’re just a click away. 

Kadima Digital Design Service Hitter

Kickstart your Brand

Unlock the full potential of your brand with our full service design agency, Kadima Designs.

In the digital age, impactful design isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Our digital design expertise is the catalyst for transforming your brand’s presence and message into something memorable and engaging. We’re not just about making things look good – we’re about crafting a visual language that resonates with your audience and amplifies your message.

With Kadima, you’re not just getting designs; you’re investing in a digital identity that speaks volumes and stands out in a crowded digital landscape. Let’s elevate your brand to new heights together.


We boast a stellar team of design specialists. Each design area, from digital graphics to user interface, is handled by an expert dedicated to crafting impactful designs for your brand. Richard, our founder and a visionary in the design field, oversees all projects, ensuring the highest quality. You’re in the most capable hands for all your design needs.

Choosing us over freelance designers means you get a reliable, dedicated design team working within a structured timeframe, offering unlimited, comprehensive design solutions. Remember, if the freelancer doesn’t deliver per your agreement, there’s no one to turn to for help.

Our membership plan, unlike individual freelancers, provides grouped packages with predictable, high-quality output and no extra overhead. You’ll have a team at your disposal, ensuring consistency and accountability in delivering your design needs.

To submit your specific design request, you’ll have direct communication with your account manager from the start. We use a mix of ClickUp, Whatsapp, and Slack for seamless project management. Sharing content and files is made easy through a shared drive set up when you sign up with us, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for your design projects.

“Unlimited design” means providing comprehensive, bespoke design solutions under our ‘Design as a Service’ (DaaS) model. Our team is dedicated to creating designs that resonate with your brand values and connect with your audience. We focus on a holistic approach, where every aspect of design thinking is integrated to produce the final product. Our service encompasses everything from strategy to execution, ensuring your brand’s growth through versatile, on-demand designs that support all business functions.

Give us a try!  You have the flexibility to pause or cancel at any time, but ultimately, this will provide us with more time and freedom to fully concentrate on and flawlessly execute your design. Exploring our services can enhance your brand’s visibility across various platforms, potentially boosting brand awareness, sales, and lead generation. Our approach is designed to adapt to your unique needs, whether they are comprehensive or specific.

To sign up with, follow these streamlined steps for a smooth, client-friendly experience:

  1. Choose a package based on your budget and needs, setting the stage for maximized online visibility.
  2. Our onboarding process is designed to be quick and efficient, reducing any unnecessary delays and optimizing productivity.
  3. Collaborate with your dedicated account manager to the extent you prefer, allowing you to concentrate more on growing your business while we handle the design aspects.

The time it takes to create your designs varies depending on several factors. These include the tools we use, the scope of your specific design project, and your responsiveness in providing feedback and approvals. Generally, design projects can range from 1 to 7 days until completion, depending on these variables. Prompt communication and clear directives from your side can significantly expedite the process.

If you’re not fully satisfied with the designs we’ve created, we’re committed to revising them until they meet your expectations. We understand the importance of your satisfaction and are prepared to refine and adjust the designs as needed. It’s also worth considering that sometimes what may not initially appeal to us can be effective with your target audience, so we encourage open-mindedness and ongoing experimentation to find the most successful design solutions.

We are committed to delivering excellent service and does not offer refunds once the process begins, given the extensive research, design, and strategy work involved. You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. However, for discounted packages, pre-paid future months are not refundable. In special cases, we can pause your project and resume it later without extra costs, continuing with the months you’ve already paid for.

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